Tenancy Cleaning Services in Stratford, West Ham E15

end of tenancy cleaningIn a world as fast as ours we strive to accomplish as much as possible for the time we have. Nowadays there are people for everything, everyone has an agenda, his own contribution to life. Ours and that of our hard working staff is to clean. Yes, our end of tenancy cleaning service will provide you with a clean you have never seen witnessed before. If Stratford is your area then we are the cleaning service for you.

Well, first of all, there aren’t as many options as you think. Most of the end of tenancy cleaning services located in Stratford are nothing but a name. We provide you with real results an for a reasonable price nonetheless.

End of Tenancy Cleaning*Price
Studio Flat £79
1 Bedroom Flat £137
2 Bedroom Flat £159
3 Bedroom Flat £181
Special discounts if you book end of tenancy cleaning and carpet cleaning!up to -30%

So many options..why choose us?

end of tenancy cleanersOur staff is an old, long gathered group of people who are real professionals with years of experience. They wear uniforms with our company’s sigil and move around with a vehicle provided by the company. They are easily recognizable and completely trustworthy. They have proven themselves with over a thousands cases in the years they have been working with us.

Cleaning is a form of art. Many do it, but not properly. There is a learning curve, of course, but who’s got time for that. You need your property clean and you need it now that’s where we come in.





    Not just a cleaning but a cleansing

    With our blend of complete dedication and cleaning efficiency we offer only the best and that’s what you are going to get. We provide our own cleaning materials and products, you don’t have to worry about anything once we you hand us the bridle.

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    There hasn’t been a stain or a clutter our cleaning technicians haven’t been able to clean off. We guarantee you will receive your full deposit back and leave your landlord satisfied with the cleaning. Cleaning services aren’t just for the vastly rich anymore, the rates have been going down for years now, making it affordable for everyone out there. Call us, set up date and time and let us clean for you. Its what we do and its what we do best.

    Do you wish to get a full refund on your deposit money? Of course you do – you paid so much money for it, after all. In order to get your money back, you need to make your landlord’s property sparkling clean. You’ll need to scrub, polish, and sanitize all surfaces. And you mustn’t turn a blind eye on erasing all stains, too. You don’t think you can do it?

    Well, then simply call us and book our professional end of tenancy cleaning services. We’re based in Stratford and we offer professional end of tenancy cleaning services throughout the week.