Apartment Cleaning

Flat CleanerOur cleaning agency specializes in helping people exactly like you by getting some of the weight off of their shoulders. We employ solely experienced professionals with a considerable working ethic and we encourage them to give their all in their effort to help you give your home the look you want it to have. What’s more, our apartment cleaning services are not even expensive. If you are busy at work and do not have enough time or energy to do the million chores that always await you at home, you ought to consider calling a professional to help.

Apartment Cleaning Prices

Regular Flat Cleaning Price £19
One Off Flat Cleaning Price £20
Deep Flat Cleaning Price £20
Carpet Cleaning - Bedroomfrom £23
Carpet Cleaning - Livingroomfrom £25

Apartment Cleaning London

Flat Cleaning LadyFor a very affordable price you can get quality apartment cleaning that no maid or cleaning person in London can match. It is not just about the maintenance of your home’s look as well. If you feel you have neglected your home recently and this has begun show, calling us is a good idea. While the maintenance of a living space is a relatively simple task, restoring to it the great look it used to have when it was brand new is a different affair altogether. To achieve this, you will need the help of a team of professionals such as the ones employed in our agency.

Regular Flat Cleaning

Flat CleaningWhat most people request is the regular maintenance of their flat in London. This maintenance includes vacuuming the floors and walls in each room, as well as the dusting of all surfaces. Our workers come equipped with vacuum cleaners and chemical agents, so you are freed from buying these yourself. What is even more important is that our cleaning technology is the best money can buy and our chemical agents are the most effective and harmless to your health.

Professional Cleaning Services

Professional CleanerIf you want something special to be done to your place – the cleaning of windows or something like that, you need to just tell this to us in advance, and we will properly instruct our employee on what tasks are to be performed. What is probably the best thing in all this is that you do not need to be present while your home is being cleaned. You can leave your keys at our office and go to work or go take a walk, or relax in some other way, and when you come back to pick them up and go home all the work will be done.