Tenancy Cleaning Services in Chelsea SW3

end of tenancy cleaningWe are based in Chelsea and we are the leaders in the field of professional cleaning. We have specialized in a variety of cleaning options and we are proud to offer you our exclusive end of tenancy cleaning services. With us you can create your very own move out cleaning plan and we will strictly follow everything on your checklist.

We use the very latest cleaning equipment and only top-quality detergents that clean in depth, safely and gently. Our employees are highly qualified and work with care and precision, paying attention to the tiniest details. Every room will be sparkling clean and shiny and you will move out with no complications at all!

End of Tenancy Cleaning*Price
Studio Flat £79
1 Bedroom Flat £137
2 Bedroom Flat £159
3 Bedroom Flat £181
Special discounts if you book end of tenancy cleaning and carpet cleaning!up to -30%

Tenancy Cleaners Chelsea

end of tenancy cleaners
If it wasn’t for us many residents of Chelsea will sure have lost their deposit. We proudly announce that we are the best and most reliable, efficient end of tenancy cleaning service in the area.

We have been cleaning, turning downside up apartments and houses that seemed as if somebody robbed and trashed the whole place. What makes our service so much better than the competition is our determination, dedication, attitude and wittiness.

We never bend the rules in our favor, we work for you and your benefit only. Nothing makes us more proud than recognizing the joy of our customers through their positive comments and feedback. Trust us by outsourcing the cleaning to us and let us impress you.





    Tenancy Cleaning Services SW3

    When the time to move out comes most people would rather not clean their rental place. They think it will be too hard and time consuming, and in fact, that’s true. It is time consuming and yes, it is hard, but not that hard when you don’t have to do it on your own.

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    Our end of tenancy cleaning service will gladly take the cleaning off your hands. We specialize in what we do, and we don’t cut corners, we simply clean them! We are proud to announce that we are number one in Chelsea and our pole numbers keep getting higher! The easiest way to keep your deposit money is to turn to a professional end of tenancy cleaning services for some assistance with the cleaning chores. It turns out that we know such company in Chelsea. Ours. We have established it years ago so that we can help more and more tenants along with landlords.

    As long as you give us a call, we will take care of the property in the most successful way. We can make it sparkle after we apply the proper and thorough cleaning techniques. We provide ourselves with the necessary products for full satisfaction. Call us.

    Did you know that if you don’t clean your landlord’s property before leaving, you’ll lose your deposit money, and if you don’t do it professionally, you’ll lose the full refund on your money? To do an adequate cleaning in a property, however, takes a lot of time which few people have when they’re about to move out.

    That’s why we’d like to offer you to take advantage of our professional end of tenancy cleaning services. We’re based in Chelsea and we offer the end of tenancy cleaning services with the most appealing performance-price ratios. Rely on us, we guarantee best results.