What type of information is collected?

Once you have placed your order, we start collecting the information.
After registering on our site you may have to enter your name, phone number and e-mail address. But you have still the option to enter the website as anonymous visitor.

In what way your information is protected?

We apply a variety of methods, which ensure the security and maintenance of your personal information when you place an order.

Are cookies supported?

Yes, cookies are supported, as they are files which are transmitted to your hard drive thanks to the Web Browser. However this is only possible if you allow it. In this way the sites and the service providers system can recognize your browser and remember a definite information.

Do we release personal information to third parties?
We absolutely don’t use your information to trade or give to outside parties any type of personal information that you have entered. However when it comes to third parties, which provide assistance on our websites, or which are taking part in our businesses, or which are simply providing any type of service to you we agree to deliver this type information as long as the third parties keep this information confidential. Other cases in which information is given is when it is in accordance to the law or when we want to protect our rights those of others. It is also permitted in cases when property and safety issues are concerned. When non-personal information is concerned we reserve the right to use it or to provide it to third parties, if necessary for marketing and advertising purposes.

The question of privacy policy

There is an online privacy policy, however it refers only to information that is being collected through the website and for such kind of information which is being collected online.

Agreement policy

When you use the website you agree with all the privacy policies.

Possible changes in the privacy policy

If any changes to privacy policies occur they will be immediately posted on the page.